BTS in Cambodia with Jack, Jade and Vee

Learning about Learning! BTS in Cambodia
With Jack, Jade and Vee

Beth Heard  ✨  Senior Talent Manager


At the start of this year I caught up with three of our Creators - Jack Edwards, Jade Bowler and Vee Kativhu - for our yearly goals planning session. When we spoke about what motivates them online, there was one united thought: to help others. This filters into everything we do at Sixteenth.

Our ethos is to represent only Creators who are a Good Influence.
Creators must add value to others in order to expect value to be returned.

Jack, Jade and Vee have consistently spoken about wanting to find one charity that they can really advocate for, utilising their platforms to truly help others. Enter United World Schools

We've just returned from 10 days in Cambodia, learning about the work UWS delivers, and announcing all three Creators as official ambassadors.

We lived and worked with UWS' amazing team, meeting students, families and even political leaders!

To kick off the trip, we visited an education centre created by UWS, in rural Banlung (with an overnight stay in a hammock!) The  centre provides 148 children with access to formal learning.


When we asked a room full of 9-15 year old girls what they wanted to be when they grew up, nearly all raised their hand for 'teacher'.

Following our school stay, we met the Department of Women’s Affairs, and the Department for Education, to discuss the longevity of solutions to education rates within the country.

On our final day, to ensure we added value in a lasting way, we delivered a comms workshop to the UWS team, helping them understand how to build strong communities online - a topic our Creators are true experts in.

It was an overwhelmingly inspiring experience. Jack, Jade and Vee left feeling empowered to continue to deliver what they do online - whether that is access to reading, empowering women all over the world, or supporting endless students in their education and life. 

Being our Creators' commercial partner is our first and foremost role, but being able to formalise charitable ambassadorships that highlight the real world impact, will be a perk that only grows as we do.

Check out United World Schools #GirlsWillBeGirls campaign and our Creators 👀