About Ellie

Introduced to the world of social media at a young age, Ellie has grown up in front of the camera. She first started posting videos at just aged 10 and soon grew immense popularity joining all-girl collab channels such as ‘Seven Funtastic Girls’. Branching off to her own channels across YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, Ellie has amassed a fan-base who love to follow her for her lifestyle, fashion and fitness content.

Now aged 19 and in her second year of university, Ellie’s mission is to inspire positivity and happiness with her upbeat and open-hearted content. As a competitive gymnast and cheerleader, she knows what it takes to achieve your goals, providing a fantastic, yet relatable, role model for what can be accomplished when you dedicate yourself.

Through her cheerful personality, she energizes her followers to carve out their best selves . She supports this message through handy skills videos, productivity tips and fun challenges - all whilst her golden-heart shines through as the trusted best friend on the internet everyone has grown up with.


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