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"I was working on the report last night and was surprised (in a good way!) that Jade’s content far surpassed that of our ['biggest'] influencer – who has over a million followers, driving 72.8% of total campaign’s vlog views."

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About Jade

Jade is an extraordinarily bright individual who has used her warm relatability and exam success to inspire teens across the UK to do better in their studies. As a pioneer of the ‘Study-Tube’ movement, 'UnJaded Jade' is on an incredible path of growth.

A passionate promoter of self confidence, Jade recognises that her generation is rife with mental health issues. She uses yoga, meditation and positivity to uplift her peers and offer a helping hand. This spreads to her gentle promotion of veganism, ethical behaviour and an appreciation of nature, which she communicates without any sense of forcefulness.


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