The Story of Sixteenth

16th January 2017
Founded on a vision.

Many say that ‘anyone can be an influencer’. However, founder Danny Lowney believes that those with talent and work ethic can go beyond "15 minutes of fame", and reach their sixteenth minute. Coincidentally, he starts Sixteenth on the January 16th, with one creator on board - Gabriel Sey.

Early 2017
Finding the good.

UnJaded Jade’s channel grew from two thousand to ten thousand subscribers in just one week - Danny spots her early and she joins the roster, as we start to understand the true impact of creators adding genuine value to their audience.

October 2017
Our first big deal.

We secured a huge deal with Gabriel Sey and Google Pixel - and it was a game changer! It proved that we could reposition a creator (from fitness to parenting) in order to become more lucrative in the industry.

January 2018
Moving on up!

One year in and Sixteenth has grown to 15 number of creators and a team of 3. We throw a ‘Sweet Sixteenth’ birthday party to celebrate!

March 2020
Go home!

Yeah, so then 2020 happened…. moving on…

December 2020
From billboards to keynote speakers.

Despite a pandemic, we had 25 creators signed to our roster at the end of 2020, with campaigns spanning social collaborations to speaking & events, to even popping up on nationwide billboards.

A home for good.

We’re continuing to double down on becoming the home of good influence, with creators joining the roster such as Moya Mawhinney, Eleanor Neale, Faye Bate and Amy Cheah, thanks to offering a purpose-driven service that’s heads above what the industry is used to.

January 2022
Putting creators first.

In early 2022 we launched our Sixteenth Recommended Therapists Initiative, creating a bank of recommended professionals who are experienced in working with people in the public eye, to help our creators understand the unique challenges of the industry and it’s impact.

October 2022
An award-winning company.

Sixteenth is an award winning company with nominations in nearly every category of the Blogosphere awards, solidified by Jack Edwards winning the headline slot: 'Creator of the Year'.

April 2023
No.1 on Spotify...

Eleanor Neale launches her podcast, Usual Disclaimer, hitting number 1 in Spotify’s True Crime and number 5 in the overall charts.

Present Day
And the best is yet to come...

Our Creators have a combined audience of more than 30 million and are working with the world’s biggest brands, from technology and education to fashion and entertainment. We continue to pair high-level service with innovative commercial partnerships, meaning creators such as Gabriel and Jade are still with us 6 years on…

Our Team

Danny Lowney


Fanni Jozsa


Beth Heard

Head of Talent

Hattie Sprittles

People and Operations Manager

Gabriella Wassell

Talent Manager

Georgia Ingle

Junior Talent Manager

Kiera Perez

Talent Manager

Amy Thomas

Campaign Executive

Bella Lennartsson

Campaign Coordinator

Chyna-Leigh Field

Campaign Assistant

Farzana Begum

Campaign Assistant

Lilla Muzsik

Finance Manager

Jonny Davies

Junior Talent Manager

Stephanie Macaulay

Talent Coordinator

Our Values


We take responsibility for our own learning, seeking growth in feedback, books, podcasts and mentors.

Hard work over complacency

We work smart and hard, striving to do better everyday.

Long-term strategy over short-term gain

Andy Warhol correctly predicted that everybody will be “world famous for fifteen minutes”. We guide our Creators into their Sixteenth minute and beyond.

Good influence

It’s intrinsic to not only our Creators, but how we hold ourselves as a team.

Choose optimism

We believe in celebrating our successes and enthusiastically facing our challenges.


Inspired by Ryan Holiday’s book "Ego Is The Enemy" we endeavour to be self-aware, always trying to minimise the role of our ego in our actions.